Whispers of the Anasazi

Whispers of the Anasazi

Artist: James Ayers
Title: Whispers of the Anasazi
Medium: Giclee on canvas – 32″ x 40″
Price: $690

2015  NEW

#1 out of 95

“Performing rites in a hallowed place, three Ute men visit a holy place where people have been conducting ceremonies for centuries. The canyon walls are adorned with the work of the ancients, those who left their mark behind long after their physical bodies passed from the Earth.

The Ute men in Whispers of the Anasazi have brought item of religious significance with them to the cave. While one points his pipe into the sky towards the Great Spirit. the pther two prepare their sacred medicine bundles. Medicine bundles were packages of spiritual items only to be opened during special occasions, such as during a ceremony such as this one. Many items could be found in these bundles, such as rattles, whole birds, feathers, animal skins, sweetgrass, sage, stones and other important objects.”  James Ayers