Piano with Plasma

Piano with Plasma

Keys playing

PNOmation system can be added to any piano grand or upright piano.

Internet based automatic continuous upgrades
This player system is internet based and will automatically upgrade your system to current technology so it will never get old.

Nothing to detract from the pianos beauty
Since QRS systems are completely wireless there is no unsightly box and out of date technology that can diminish your piano’s value.
In fact with today’s demand for the QRS system it will more than likely increase the piano value.

Simple to use – 3 easy ways to control your player system:
Traditional remote control
WiFi-enabled device-easy playlist creation, instant music purchase stealth system updates
Legacy controllers-continue to use the CDs and controller you are comfortable with

Full control
Easily access all control parameters via any Wi-Fi device. Your I-pad or smart phone will totally operate the piano.
Including giving you instant access to all music software. Music is available by song, album or collection.

integrated Record Feature*
PNOscan integration gives you the possibility of networked lessons, performances and recordings. It also provides position feedback of the keys’ movements, improving accuracy and performance.

Integrated sounds*
Perform, practice and playback with MIDI sounds built in.

Industries Largest Music Software Library
QRS is the original music paper roll company that supplied 80% of all paper rolls for the original pump player piano systems.
The “Original Artists Series” rolls were recorded by the original artist. Now technology can move that music to today’s technology.
That means that only a QRS System can have George Gershwin playing Rhapsody in Blue on your piano.

Only QRS offers you these cutting-edge patented technologies:
SyncAlong MP#
QSync-piano plays along with video

You’re not stuck, even with competitive systems!
For all MIDI-based systems that are digital and acoustic, QRS offers an upgrade kit that can upgrade your outdated QRS Pianomation, Yamaha disklavier, Piano-disc, concertmaster, LX player systems so you can enjoy the benefits that only QRS and PNOmation Il offer.

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